Here you can see how your individual video is made:

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    To start off, we’ll discuss your requirements, wishes and specifications with you. Which topic would you like to explain to your visitors? Who do you want to reach with your explanatory video? We’ll advise you on suitable styles, techniques and the best duration for the video.

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    2. STORY

    Once we have the objectives, we’ll draft the story for your individual explainer video. We’ll then take onboard any feedback and develop and refine the story until it fully meets your expectations.

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    Now we'll create a storyboard for your video. A graphic artist transforms your story into images and suggests keywords that will appear in each scene. This gives you an idea of what your explainer video will look like even before the planned animation. You can influence how it is implemented further by giving us feedback if you wish.

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    When you have approved the storyboard, we’ll animate it and bring the story to life. An expert will add professional sound and we’ll set it to suitable background music. The result is a unique video: individual, captivating and convincing!