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We expect it to take about 20-25 workdays. But the production time can vary. The amount of corrections and the feedback speed are decisive.

1. An explanatory video is an easy-to-understand way to quickly present your product, service or idea.

2. You don’t have to deal with laborious or complicated explanations of complex issues.

3. An explanatory video increases the attentiveness of prospective buyers and customers and makes you stand out from your competition.

4. 90% of the information directed to the brain is visual.

5. Landing pages with a video have an 80%-higher conversion rate.

6. Furthermore, users tend spend an average of two additional minutes on websites with videos than on those without videos.

Explanatory videos are often used for simple explanations of complex products, services or business models. However, they can also be used for internal purposes, such as training or employee information.

Yes, basically. You can show the video on your website, on social media, at fairs, presentations, etc. Only paid advertising such as movie theatres or TV is not included – this is subject to an additional buy-out fee for the speaker. We’ll gladly calculate these costs for this: they depend on the country and type of broadcast (regional or national) of the commercial.

We’ll create your customised explanatory video in four simple steps:

  1. 1. Briefing: First, we’ll discuss your requirements with you. We’ll be glad to advise you.
  3. 2. Story: Once we have the specifications, we’ll draft the story. We’ll then revise and refine the story based on your feedback.
  5. 3. Storyboard: Now we’ll create the storyboard for your video. A graphic artist transforms your story into images.
  7. 4. Animation: When the storyboard is approved, we’ll animate it and bring the story to life.

You can find more information on the process here: https://explainnow.com/en/procedure

Yes, every video will be drawn for you individually. This means that we can draw people, products, buildings, websites, landscapes and much more true to life. It creates an unmistakable recognition value in the video. We’ll also follow your CI/CD requirements and match your specified colours and fonts. We never use prefabricated stock graphics in this process. This service is included in our prices and you won’t be charged separately for it. You can find more information on individual graphics here: https://explainnow.com/offer

You will be charged 30% of the order value at the start of the project. When the project is completed, the remaining 70% is due.

Thanks to more than five years of experience with over 2000 productions for customers in seven countries, we have been able to steadily improve and advance our production processes. Our priority here is to provide you with an efficient and, above all, time-saving process. We have found that the most important points can be discussed and decided on either by phone or e-mail, making personal meetings unnecessary. Eliminating these helps us offer low prices for customised explanatory videos. Ultimately, you benefit from this as well. We have also developed our own feedback software. You can easily use this tool to share your feedback with us.

That fully depends on the topic and desired contents. The general rule is: The shorter, the better- customers like things simple and succinct. We’re happy to advise you on this. Contact us now:  https://explainnow.com/en/contact

No problem– we’ll send you our briefing form on request without further obligation. Once you have completed it and returned it to us, we’d be glad to give you a customised recommendation in terms of style and length.

We’re a full-service agency and offer you a complete package. It includes:
– Creation and conception of the story/voice-over text
– Design of a storyboard (graphics)
– Animation
– Unlimited amount of correction rounds
– Speaker
– Background music
– Delivery of the video in HD quality (.mp4 file)

Creating a video is teamwork– our collaboration with you is the key to producing a great video. We rely on your feedback for the voice-over text as well as the graphics. We make corrections until the voice-over text and graphics meet your expectations and only continue when you have given us your approval.

Additional costs might be incurred in the following situations:

  1. 1. Voice-Over text: The text gets longer than agreed on at project start. However, we’ll always inform you about a possible extension of the text and thus the video in advance. Then you have the option of shortening the voice-over text yourself or let us do it.
  3. 2. Premium Speakers: We offer not only a wide range of standard speakers but also premium speakers. They’re well-known from TV and advertising and thus have a higher recognition level. If you decide on a premium speaker, there will be an additional cost. We’ll inform you of the amount before you select a speaker.
  5. 3. Subsequent correction of graphics: We start the animation as soon as you approve the storyboard. If you’d like graphic changes after this point, we have to charge for these depending on the work done so far. So you should only approve the storyboard if you’re 100% satisfied with the graphics.
  7. 4. Subsequent correction of Voice recording: We only start recording the voice-over text after your approval. If the voice-over text has to be changed after this point, we’ll have to charge for the cost of the new recording by the speaker.

Yes, we offer volume discounts. Ask us before the project starts so we can discuss this with you.

Usually yes! Our explanatory videos are suitable for virtually all topics and target groups. We have over five years of experience with 2000 produced videos. This includes many reputable references. (https://explainnow.com/en/references/) This means you can rely on our having knowledge of a wide range of industries, products and companies, so you can be sure that we’ll explain your product/service in a short, entertaining and striking way.

We can produce your video in any language you want. Our package includes one language (German or English). We offer language packages for every additional language. We have already produced videos in over 30 different languages. This means you can easily tap into new markets with foreign-language videos.

We work with a high number of professional speakers who record your video text in their own studio. We offer not only a wide range of standard speakers but also premium speakers. They’re well-known from TV and advertising and thus have a higher recognition level. Our speakers are native speakers, so they fit perfectly with the desired language package. If desired, we’ll be glad to provide you with our selection.

Production process

At the beginning, we’ll send you the down payment invoice and the order confirmation listing the ordered services. Then we can start the briefing process for your video.

You’ll receive our briefing questionnaire with the order confirmation. Please complete it in its entirety and return it to us. You may also send us other useful information, such as presentations, flyers or brochures. Once we receive the documents, we start creating the voice-over text for the ordered video length.
We can clarify any open questions or ambiguities individually.

No problem! Just tell us what you don’t like and we’ll rewrite the story accordingly. You also have the option to revise the draft yourself, it this is easier for you. We’ll then check your new draft for its feasibility or we revise the text according to your feedback. We’ll only start with the drawings when the story meets your expectations.

No problem! Tell us which graphics you don’t like and we’ll make a new suggestion.
We’ll only continue with the animation when the graphics meet your expectations and you have approved the storyboard.

You can easily and quickly enter your feedback on the story and drawings in our own feedback tool. Once we have received the feedback, we’ll make the appropriate corrections and then submit a new proposal to you. This means you don’t lose a lot of time and can focus on your core business.

When the video is approved, we’ll send it to you via a download link as an .mp4 file with a ratio of 16:9. If you need another format, please tell us in advance.

Yes, the background music is included. We’ll make an appropriate suggestion for the animation in each case.

Yes, after the production is finished, the video becomes completely yours. There are no usage fees per month or year.

If you have additional questions or need more detailed information, please contact us by phone or contact form. We’ll be glad to assist you.

+41 41 511 11 31

+41 41 511 11 31